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  • About My Jewelry

    I absolutely love working with my hands, and by doing so, I am able to create something that has a deep connection to my mind. And this is where it all happens. My creativity is an intuitive and organic process, constantly influenced by my daily life, the books I read, the movies I watch, my interactions with people, near or far.

    It is also a reflection of my personal journey as an architect with all the richness that poetry, history, my family, my heritage, nature, travels, bring to fuel my senses and the design esthetic of my brand. Memories, pictures in my mind, sounds of music and nature… all of these elements awaken my senses and inspire my imagination.

    My architectural background is not necessarily reflected in my designs; it helps me organize my thoughts and work on interpretation, transformation, details, the relation between elements, the special connections, volumes, space and scale.

    My jewelry is all about authentic and artful compositions; simple or complex, baring rich traditions; contemporary pieces with a classic, timeless feel combined with the honesty of the concept: each design tells a story, becoming an iconic piece with a legendary past that touches you, the moment it touches the woman’s skin.

    Crismann jewelry is a hymn to hymn to the modern, sexy woman, feminine but strong, lady-like yet powerful. The Crismann woman is sophisticated and confident, bold in her expression, independent in her style, elegant and glamorous.

    Embracing serendipity, I aspire to create jewelry that challenges traditional logic and allows others to find an unexpected value while leaving them speechless.

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