About Me

Born in Beirut in 1977, Christian Nasr’s career in architecture and design witnessed a phenomenal change of scale and pace when he decided to turn his creativity into designing exquisite personal adornments, expressing himself in a more intimate medium than landmarks puncturing the skyline: jewelry. It should come as no surprise; after all, both architecture and jewelry are three-dimensional disciplines that reference classical shapes and motifs.

‘Art and luxury – mostly jewelry, have always fascinated me. Since I was a child, I was spellbound by travel and cross cultures, and had a peculiar taste for the unique.
When I turned 40, I became quite obsessed with jewelry design and had the overwhelming desire to pursue this as my full time profession, under my own terms and conditions and where I could create my own utopia.’

Attracted by elegant lifestyles, luxury and glamour, Christian’s professional career rotated around architecture and design, real estate and construction both in Lebanon and abroad, until it took a real twist.

“One day in 2011 when I was designing a building in Congo and thinking of a jewelry gift to my wife, I transformed the architectural sketch into a piece of jewelry that I produced. The rest is history.”

Venturing away from architecture was also about finding another forum to communicate, to express myself through my creations, and to create different scales of human interaction. I am driven by a genuine desire to challenge the conventional, stir away from the ordinary, connect with other people by creating bespoke, noble and original designs that transcend time; pivoting from architecture to jewelry design was about making this possible. Jewelry unlike architecture tends not to be location specific, I wanted my work to be connected to a person rather than place. Where the person wearing my pieces will be taking part in a massive art-de-vivre.


About My Art & Jewelry

I absolutely love working with my hands, and by doing so, I am able to create something that has a deep connection to my mind. And this is where it all happens. My creativity is an intuitive and organic process, constantly influenced by my daily life, the books I read, the movies I watch, my interactions with people, near or far.

It is also a reflection of my personal journey as an architect with all the richness that poetry, history, my family, my heritage, nature, travels, bring to fuel my senses and the design esthetic of my brand. Memories, pictures in my mind, sounds of music and nature… all of these elements awaken my senses and inspire my imagination.

My architectural background is not necessarily reflected in my designs; it helps me organize my thoughts and work on interpretation, transformation, details, the relation between elements, the special connections, volumes, space and scale.

Art & Design intertwine to transform my jewelry – beyond decoration, into pieces of art.

Sublime pieces of art that overflow with subtle and rich meanings, just like a painting or a sculpture, shaking the psyche and evoking strong emotions.

Artful designs that superbly blend contemporary and bold, worn in small scale on the body and displayed on a bigger scale in space. A transformation of scale leading to a totally different use wherein both Art & Design persist. It is a play of scale and proportions.